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I also have a stellium in Virgo 8th house; however, Mercury stands alone while all the other planets in Virgo including Vesta stand together. This might be another reason I was so passionate about finding a planet to rule Mercury. As with what other Mercurial types have said, Mercury is best suited to Gemini. While reading through the website, I was elated to find out that Vesta is no longer considered just an asteroid or comet.

Wanting to get the symbol right and being too complex? Oh, and for good measure, 16 with the color red symbolizing fire, passion, and strength! And thankfully that happened because after writing all the keywords and phrases below , I was amazed at how well it fit Virgo and a side of Scorpio. And while they do this, they are hidden.


To meet detective-types head-on, to know them, you must be like them. Put yourself in their shoes. Be a detective too. Having said that, be sure to have integrity and a good reason for getting to know Scorpio, Pluto, Virgo, and Vesta or you might get into more trouble than expected. Want a personal reading, consultation? Abella "Jucy" Arthur has contributed posts in this blog.

Let me provide some insights in your own life. And if you are interested in learning astrology, numerology, or tarot from a Jupiter-Uranus Libra in the 9th teacher , I'd love to be your guide, and provide a dynamic consultation.

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How Virgo to create a complex symbol and then tweak and change it up over and over again. Vesta and Mercury are in Virgo and parallel to each other but not conjunct. As is probably known, I have a stellium in Virgo 8th house; however, Mercury stands alone while all the other planets in Virgo including Vesta stand together.

What are your impressions? Have you assigned a sign to Vesta? I hope I find the book soon though. I was searching for a celestial body to rule Virgo for the longest time and just happened upon Vesta as I was leafing through a book on asteroids.

Protoplanet Vesta: Domicile in Virgo (Vesta Virgo), Exalted in Scorpio | Abella Arthur, Occultist

And when you say exaltation and falls not useful, do you mean for the traditional planets or for the asteroids? For some of the first things you mentioned, I would assign Vesta some kind of partial rulership in the sign of Aries:. And then the discovery date, although Vesta was discovered in the constellation Virgo which is a huge constellation that spans 3 zodiac signs it was discovered on an Aries date, early, so this for me is also a clue.

It also seems to be more about the idea of establishment style of relationships that are with witnesses clauses, penalties and such. As for Palas-Athena, I am still out to lunch on that one… and have hardly an opinion there, perhaps this is surprising to even me, as well! Thank you for replying and giving your thoughts.

Goddess Vesta Brightest Asteroid in the sky – Light your own way

So which numbers do you believe are connected to Aries? What percentage? An earlier myth of Vesta is that she was a Sacred Whore but that was omitted when a King demand the Vestals be Virgins. Vesta stays in the constellations of Virgo and Taurus the longest. Please excuse my ignorance but what signs reside inside the constellation of Virgo?

I think of Aries as a sign that has power, courage, innovation, and takes his own initiation. The Vestal Virgins did repetitive tasks and had to humble themselves in service. If anything, I would delineate Vesta in Aries as being the protector of the Virgins. With Aries being quincunx to Virgo, Vesta Aries would be removed or distanced from the duties of Vesta yet still having a chance to connect, as necessary.

I can identify Vesta Aries with the duties of the Pontifex Maximus. The signs carry out the mission or the plans of the plan ets and luminaries and Virgo can follow the strict orders, rules, and daily job tasks set out by Vesta. In regards to Ceres, Chiron, and Juno… another post, yes? And a lot of astrologers feel like Ceres belongs to Cancer or Taurus. Ceres is fertile as is Cancer and Taurus; however, Virgo is a barren sign. Also, a lot of astrologers feel that Chiron is connected to Pisces, Sagittarius, as well as Virgo. Do you have a particular interest in asteroids?

Though Vesta and Ceres are no longer considered asteroids. Abella Arthur, Occultist. Follow Astrogasm. Follow wordsofwisdom. Long comments may take a long time for me to get back to, if ever -- but feel free to share as little or as much as you like.

Ceres Tables: Find the sign of your Ceres

And who knows, maybe another visitor will reply Vesta Hestia, in Greek mythology is associated with the hearth, a symbol for warmth and the center of the home. With humility, she cares for the internal fire always, creating sanctuaries of hospitality and protection for whom she encounters. Vesta is commonly associated with the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome, the priestesses who tended to the ever-glowing fire beneath the city.

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The punishments for breaking their chastity vows or allowing the fire to go out were severe. It is important to note that the essence of the word virgin has been distorted to mean celibate, or untouched.

Their desire was primarily to transmit the energy of the Goddess. Vesta's symbol, the sacred flame, symbolizes the secret powers of transformation. When one commits and devotes to their goals, reclaims autonomy, and engages with spirituality, the Vesta archetype can thrive. Contact leah moonlightofferings. In the Virgo archetype, Vesta focuses on her work.

Virgo ethics include dedication, discipline, perfectionism, and service. Vesta in Virgo needs the opportunity to fulfill their sacred and authentic calling. Even so, Vesta types will always maintain that spark of life and desire to pursue their passion.