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NOW IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR DAILY HOROSCOPE ON YOUR CELL PHONE! Receive your horoscope every morning in a text message. ellegirlhoroscope CANCER. JUN 22–JUL22 Have you ever gotten a fortune cookie that says, “Any .

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Augustus is shadowed in the person of [AE]neas. To cloud; to darken; to cast a gloom over. The shadowed livery of the burnished sun. Why sad? I must not see the face O love thus shadowed. To attend as closely as a shadow; to follow and watch closely, especially in a secret or unobserved manner ; as, a detective shadows a criminal. Aha, so we can see from the generous Mr. Hey, it smells of heathenism and dirty, filthy things.

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Hey, says he, astrology is the work of the Devil; I know cause my minister or the Bible done told me so. And, guess what, O gentle and dear reader…I am the average Joe, and I like the average Joe and, furthermore, you do, too…Hobbits, all of us, happy in our habits!

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To refuse the Dark Godfather is to receive the Kiss of Death, and the kiss of death for a believer is the loss of his faith. Well, shucks folks, what can I say? Do you, Mister Jones? Oh, you say, not me, you say, and that filthy language yet again! But, for the moment, the force is veiled by the overspreading shadows of obscurity… de profundo lacu. Does Latin scare you, does Arabic? What of Al Qaeda, Taliban, and Haarp? Gemini, my friends, is the sign of languages and with Saturn in the sign of languages words can become seriously sinister, -sinestra, the left hand, the left hand path of Sauron, Saruman, Secrecy.

What are the Gemini media showing us, what are they telling us? But with Pluto opposing Saturn the theme of shadows enters the public realm of media-words, and a struggle ensues centered upon the belief in these shadowed words, in the need for secrecy. What is secrecy? Who does not keep secrets? Let him among you who is without secrets throw the first stone. Nobody moves.

A hush falls over the mob. The TV audience is stunned by the patriotic music and the absolute, clarion ring of censorship. The secret of guilt has rendered everyone motionless because everybody feels secretly guilty. This is the Authority of Saturn controlling and focusing the language of Gemini ; but Pluto , the Inscrutable One is opposed to this language and biding his time. He suggests to us that we look for the hidden and veiled implications of the language used by the media, that we probe such language deeply if we wish to resist the pull of the One Ring seeking its owner, the One Ring of the Gnostic Demiurge with but one desire: to pull the wool over our eyes and ears, to lure us into the Land of Mordor where the Shadows Lie!

We must all pledge allegiance to the One Ring, we must wave our flags and be Patriotic. Where are the astrologers now, in our time of need? Who among them stresses the importance of social protest? Are they pointing out that traditional Plutonian secrecy is being amplified in the media? Are they calling attention to that invisible-inaudible spectrum of broadcasted electro-magnetic radio waves? Do they mention Haarp or ELF technology? Why do so many astrologers fail to emphasize that during this current opposition of Saturn in Gemini to Pluto in Sagittarius we are in need of examining all forms of secret, covert, Plutonian communication?

Could it be that Astrology is held tight in the grip of Saturn? Don't they realize that this euphemistically labeled 'Non-Lethal-Weapons' system has already been Lethally deployed in the previous Gulf War? None of this fazed McGruder. In response, he temporarily "replaced" the strip with "The Adventures of Flagee and Ribbon," where the two symbols sing the National Anthem and talk tough about the U. McGruder is a refreshingly fine example of one among us who is doing just that: "Why did you decide to target the post-Sept. I thought it was very faddish, and there was no real weight behind it.

You know, we just came off an election that was a mess. We do know that he got less votes nationwide. And he may not even have won, legitimately, the electoral contest.

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There were reports of the massive disenfranchisement of African-Americans in Florida, which went totally unreported in this country, but was covered widely by the foreign press. There were black people in Florida yelling and screaming, trying to get somebody to pay attention to them. They were saying that they had their rights taken away from them, andthey were not allowed to vote.

And nobody in this country cared. Where was the flag then? Where was this embracing of American ideals when people had their rights ripped from them so unjustly?

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We have a president who was appointed by the Supreme Court, and there was none of this talk about freedom and love of country at that time. So I feel like the deaths of 4, people had really nothing to do with love of country or not. This country made giant mistakes and failed to protect its people. So there are a number of reasons why I was uncomfortable with the whole flag thing.

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Well, as Bilbo was fond of singing, - The Road goes ever on and on. In the spirit of the current Pluto-Saturn opposition please allow me to remind you that astrology is increasingly becoming a tool assimilated to the political and psychological main-stream of Society.

Horoscope columns are in most newspapers, and the internet is full of astrological web pages. II, or the infamous notoriety of the Nancy Regan days. You bet they did! Such a situation exists in the fields of medicine, psychology, law and many other professions officially believed to have social value and needing special safeguards. It obviously is the answer to a real need in our society where personal greed and an anarchistic type of individualism and power-seeking prevail. Nevertheless governmental regulation and monopoly have serious drawbacks.

These need to be pointed out to astrologers. The American Medical Association is a characteristic example of what would be likely to occur if astrological practice were State regulated and officially taught in colleges along the lines defined by scientific respectability and effectiveness. The AMA is a relevant example because the practice of medicine generates the possibility of very important financial profits, some directly through medical fees, others even more considerable in terms of the selling of pharmaceutical products, books on health, medical textbooks, etc.

And the trend is continuing. Astrology has wrapped itself in the elegant cloak of mostly Jungian psychology, and added to that cloak a smattering of scientific and statistical feathers. They are their own industry and their own self-congratulatory clique. Consumers selling to other consumers, and creating their own products to consume. They not only write books, they design computer software programs, they endorse such programs, they compete with each other to build up a market-clientele, and they are usually quite proud to be successful members of a successful business market.

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There exists in the popular mind an image of astrologers as exotic people caught up in a mystical love of the stars. Modern day astrologers work very hard to dispel these notions. Bravo, so far, so good. But pick up any one of their textbooks on the subject of the planets and read what they have to say about Saturn.

You will find the same words repeated in varying styles throughout the texts. And you will find that those words always lead in the same direction, a direction which Dane Rudhyar probably described best when he wrote that Saturn is a symbol for the lowest common denominator of social-cultural consensus please do look for yourself, I am not quoting him verbatim. Authority manifests itself by consensus in people such as Presidents of nations, or Kings and Queens of countries, or Chief Executives in Corporations, or Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, and Priests.

But consensus authority also manifests in the structural religious, philosophical, and scientific paradigms of Western Industrial Civilization. Astrologers must deal with these dominant paradigms just as you and I must. Consensus paradigms imply a strong need for agreement and acceptance yielding a shared sense of oneness ; if we want to succeed in business we better not claim that two and two equals fish, or that money grows on trees, or that Saturn has nothing to do with consensus.

Get the picture? We gotta toe the line. Astrologers expecting to sell their books and be invited to international, astrological conferences know quite well how to toe that line. The line they toe is consensus astrology. There is a blandness to it all, an accelerating trend toward Oneness concerning which, once again, Dane Rudhyar had this to say:.

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Totally different approaches to the treatment of illness at all human levels have been devised, some by ancient societies where they are still effectively applied, others in our own Western society in which new causes of disease and accidents have developed since the Industrial Revolution. Each of these different approaches results from the acceptance of a specific type of metaphysical, religious or psychological premise concerning the nature and purpose of man, life and the universe. Yet in the United States ONE approach to medical knowledge and expertise has received official sanction; a fact which reflects the glorification of our also officialized worship of empirical and materialistic science and of modern technology.

A few other approaches, such as "spiritual healing" are allowed to operate, thanks to legal subterfuges, but bureaucratic controls dominate the medical and psychological field. Only ONE type of education is available in college to the would-be doctor and practicing psychologist; and political ambition, business pressures and the making of large profits are constant features of these fields, as of many others.

Now we are asking ourselves the question: What is political astrology? I mean to tell you, my friends, that this current triple series of Saturn to Pluto oppositions which were first exact in August of and will finish their course in May happen to be an unprecedented event in the history of these United States Of America!

The evidence is all around us, the facts are quite clear. There is a deep and pervasive desire among Americans to bury their heads in the sand, to be unconscious Pluto regarding their mental-verbal processes Mercury , to be rather introvertedly preoccupied with Mom, Home, and Apple Pie Cancer , to be mentally living in the shadow of their feelings.

And these unconscious, mental-verbal traits are most pronounced when Americans deal with money, land, and their values. Our minds Mercury tell us the whole subject and very many others is totally Taboo Pluto. But will we do it, can we do it?